Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Thoughts about traffic

These are thoughts I've had about traffic, basically since I first started thinking about it when I first really experienced it in Philadelphia in the mid-90's.  One thing that has really surprised me is that during the TD 5 Boro bike ride in New York City (Spring 2015), the bicycle density was so high that conditions were comparable to car traffic - and I saw the same patterns of behavior!

Why I bike to work and around in general

This started as an email to my friend Kevin, but then I realized I'd like to share it more broadly and keep it somewhere I could find it more readily.  It's the rationale and data I've accumulated about biking.  The vast majority of my commute is by bike - I live in Boston, MA and I bike year round, mostly regardless of the weather (snow, rain etc.).  I also bike for fun occasionally on the weekends, but this post deals with commuting.